There are hundreds of organizations nationwide that work tirelessly with the nearly 20 million active or retired veterans who have bravely sacrificed for our country. This community is unique in that these organizations work together to fill the void in government support to help American heroes transition from military to civilian life and the workforce.

Salute American Vodka gives back to American heroes through the sale of our high-quality, American-made craft spirit. The first dollar of every bottle sold goes directly to organizations that provide programs and services for the veteran community.

“At Salute American Vodka, we want to ensure there are enough resources to help veterans of all ages transition to civilian life,” says John Niekrash, President of Salute American Vodka. “We partner with nonprofits, distributors and retailers across the country to give thanks to veterans and award scholarship money, laptops, work-related equipment and vehicles, provide job opportunities and so much more.”

Since its founding, Salute American Vodka has changed the lives of veterans across the country. The company continues to work with its distributors and retailers as partners to localize the charitable dollar and contribute to nonprofit organizations that support veterans in their own backyards.

Lieutenant General Ray Palumbo, a retired three-star Army general, leads Salute American Vodka’s board members through a selection process alongside charity partners to identify those most in need. Salute American Vodka’s charity partners work in different ways to support the mental, physical, and financial health of our heroes.

One such partner, Boulder Crest Retreat, a rural wellness center, is committed to improving the physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic wellbeing of our nation’s active military, veterans, and first responders, along with their family members. The organization’s programs ensure our heroes have the opportunity to live lives of passion, purpose, and service.

Work Vessels for Vets, Inc., a national organization, equips America’s returning veterans with the tools they need to start a business or pursue career education or training. Since its inception in 2008, the nonprofit has assisted more than 1,600 veterans across America with more than $2 million dollars in “vessels,” including boats, trucks, computers, cars, tractors, and equipment.

“At Salute American Vodka, our strong conviction is that if someone is willing to put on a uniform and to give up his or her life in the defense of America, then that person deserves great support when returning to a civilian career,” says Niekrash. “Our goal is to be a resource for organizations to help eliminate some of the barriers to success for our veterans.”

Salute American heroes! Raise a glass and recruit others to join the Salute American Vodka mission.

Salute American Vodka donates one dollar of every bottle sold to support veteran organizations. To learn more, visit our mission page.