Salute American Vodka is pure red, white, and blue. From the ingredients to the printing of its labels and packaging, Salute American Vodka is one hundred percent American-made.

A native spirit made for and by Americans in a marketplace infiltrated by foreign brands, the vodka is made with corn and wheat grains from the heartland and is distilled four times for a thicker pour and smooth, clean, and odorless taste. The signature 750ml bottle is modeled after World War II standard issue GI canteens, a tribute to the great men and women who serve our country.  Since its origin, the military canteen has evolved and is now made from new materials. However, the actual shape of the vessels has not changed.  It is a timeless icon that has become recognizable within the military community, and this is why we chose the canteen for our bottle design.

In an era of outsourcing to other countries, it is our goal to create products and partner with service providers who employ and support the American workforce. True to its name, Salute American Vodka is USA Certified™, which means that every component of the vodka is made in the U.S. Salute American Vodka is supporting the creation of American jobs through agriculture, manufacturing, and sales. The USA Certified™ seal appears on all Salute American Vodka products, communications, and promotional materials.

To become USA Certified™, a company must undergo an audit and certification process to prove that all product assembly and American labor comply with all U.S. safety standards and labor laws. When a company displays the USA Certified™ seal on its products, it is guaranteeing that each component from which its product is made is authentically all-American.

At once, Salute American Vodka is creating a quality spirit for the public while supporting the U.S. economy, creating jobs, and helping servicemen and women transition from military to civilian life. Since our founding, we remain committed to our charitable social mission, which is at the heart of our company. The first dollar of every bottle sold goes directly to organizations that support veterans.

Salute American Vodka donates one dollar of every bottle sold to support veteran organizations. To learn more, visit our mission page